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Prowess is a full service acoustical consulting company, our architects and engineers provides design, construction and consulting service for professional broadcast, recording, studio, entertainment spaces, industrial acoustical application, residential acoustics and environmental noise control. Our full services are supported by a complete range of test and measurement equipment by leading-edge analysis system.

Prowess has the dedicated engineer team in acoustical construction. We are proud of earning the good reputation in acoustical industry in Taiwan . The company also provides designs and specifications for general architectural use.  Expertise, Prowess, backed by experience is provided to our clients in the field of acoustical construction.

Thanks to the support always, please the glance through our photo gallery and view some of our portfolio.

Project Types reference.
•  Broadcast & Studio construction
•  Modular Broadcast studio
•  Anechoic Room
•  Floating Floor construction
•  Auditorium
•  Conference Room
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